The JS1002 is a medium duty single axis joystick for use in harsh environments and comes in a ëspring return to centreí format. It can be supplied with an optional normally open push button switch set into the handle, with either flush or raised actuator. Additional switching can be added at 10, 20 and 30 degrees of joystick travel.
The joystick is fitted with a 10K 1.0W potentiometer giving 0 - 30 deg. travel of a 340 deg. potentiometer. Potentiometer life is 5,000,000 operations.

Additional Output Options

The unit can be supplied 'as is' for connection to a proportional valve controller, or with the addition of a built on amplifier to give a 0 - +/-10V or 0 - +/-20mA command output.

It can also be supplied fitted with a dual output 12V or 24V PWM proportional controller. This version has a single channel proportional driver that is switched to one output or the other depending on which side of centre the lever is. There is a single I min and I max adjustment plus ramp up and ramp down potentiometers and a dither frequency control. This is ideal for use where low cost bi directional proportional control is needed.

An optional aluminium fitting plate is available with a black stove enamel finish.

Joystick Specifications
Potentiometer 1 X 10K Ohm 1watt 340 deg.
Resistant to Water ingress (top).
Operating temp -40 to +60 deg C
Protection IP 67 without push button IP 66 with push button

Joystick Dimensions

Mounting plate dimensions


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